Tuesday, June 5, 2007

An excellent JavaScript tree

Implementing a JavaScript tree is one of those really vexing challenges. Some implementations limit your ability to nest nodes deep into the tree or are awkward in other ways.

I think this is the best solution I've seen so far.


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Nate said...

i think it's awkward when you node a tree, the tree doesn't say anything. It just keeps swaying in the wind. I mean come on dude! We just noded for an hour and the tree won't even hold me? What the hell is that. Why won't the tree look at me? Am I ugly, is that why it made me wear this mask while we noded. You know, I'm a human too. I have feelings. I'm not here for any tree to node and then get back to doing whatever trees do. Noding is just the beginning of what I and everyone needs. Why doesn't the tree ever call me. I can't take this anymore. Never will I node another tree, EVER!